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No internal markings. Sightings of unidentified foreign objects UFOs have been reported throughout the centuries—most of them given a religious interpretation. Since World War II, however, there seems to have been a drastic increase in the number of sightings. We have enough data—both visual and photographic—on some of these sightings to know that the phenomenon is unambiguously extraordinary and clearly inexplicable in modern terms. The author examines UFO brightness, size, and maneuvers, and discusses the frequency and location of sightings. He ends by suggesting the need for more standardized reporting on UFOs, so that times and locations of appearances may be anticipated and badly needed objective data may be obtained.

Time and Life UFO in the sky above elevators; bridges and tunnels down and flights redirected. The enormous north-eastern power was thought to have been building approached by low-flying UFOs. Time having hundreds of automatic There have also been several claims magazine photographers controls and safety cut-outs. Such claims were particularly common in the photographed this object.

Many other reports of UFOs came have caused power blackouts affecting of vicinity of s. UFOs were reported across over Pennsylvania by pilot Congress had been told that a serious breakdown was plants indicated they had that of the great North-East blackout which covered an area of being chased by jet interceptors.

One all claims was 80, square miles , m' and affected 26 million people. At the height of the blackout had spread to six states 50 power no explanation for the blackout, no Jerry severed transmission of quite impossible. Various heads of Whitaker and passenger George Croniger who believe they saw them The most dramatic grid invulnerable to accident or attack circuits, particularly in cars made were to traffic-light it other than lines, faulty circuits or defective generators.

His statement included the comment that some not remains open to speculation. At people in one ignited swamp blackouts. The press immediately of the effects of the enforced hours of darkness and quiet. Nine the area might have seen months New York experienced a baby boom. Four other craft it. Sheriffs deputies Stanley panic, with people trapped in the end, calming McFadden and David observed it and reassuring statements were state Police Commissioner, broadcast by those radio stations Frederick Davids, emergency that could transmit on generators and certainly no mention UFO connection commented 'I but now I am not so sure.

However, the press picked up the UFO reports that the Air of any for fear of the panic official day that it it would cause. The flying investigator Force should send if Kscoyery 'buzzed I i an I only to be seen to be doing something. Allen Hynek. Hynek Any 'The evidence was too strong to be made an investigation of the area but was virtually assaulted by the press to make some kind of preliminary ignored or debunked statement, although he always stories can easily been forthcoming though one Air Force Major made the point that.

Insubstantial become sensational. She was taken through various chambers inside the UFO, was and fed in fluids fluids through her mouth; she met The Perhaps the most remarkable case Catalina Island film shot by cameraman Lee professional Hansen is important in research not because but because it is not. For twenty years the object remained a mystery. It was only the development of modem photographic analysis which gave final identification on the film. Gradually the grain in the picture diminished and the image was able to be seen more In fact the cameraman had filmed, out of focus, a light aircraft that been manoeuvring By the time in had the mountains.

Because the aircraft had been filmed from level it pilot sitting its own flight had eliminated the image of This was for all the walls. Betty remembered many years. Some later eight years she wrote to the tabloid its to the best this was interest in reward given annually UFO story.

Her story was The If Canada comes a poor aliens that had entered her second to the United States on the North American continent extraordinary. Their leader, Quazgaa, encounter of Stephen Michalaq accepted a bible from Betty. She which them and entered an oval object hovering a investigation, indeed present day there has However, tail fin.

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Andreasson underwent a series of clearly. Inside buildings she was scanned, enlarged and displayed into individual pbcels.

Saint Paul, Alberta

Just after noon on 20 She underwent a medical in a brilliantly lit May, at Falcon Lake between Manitoba and Ontario, Michalaq witnessed the landing of a cigar shaped garden. Two such red objects descended, one landing and the other silently flying 'operating room' on board the object back into the sky.

The landed UF'O and suffered a probe pushed into her appeared to nose and another through her navel. Michalaq was an amateur object ft 9 m wide and 12 it set his clothes alight. Stephen Michalaq, victim not only surprise but pain and fear as prospector and carried goggles when hammering into From it, a blast of warm air struck him causing him of the object. Through The pattern of burn his object departed. Shortly of a very close encounter, displays the extraordinary marks which appeared on body following a blast of heat from afterwards Michalaq observed the form of charred Organizations such as the these goggles he observed the ground traces object from close range over the earth where the object had been.

Whiteshell Nuclear Research next half an hour, also making There were Establishment, the sketches. Michalaq was approaching closer when a door opened in the UFO and he could hear voices coming from inside. He responses. He peered physiological effects Eventually the opening was Council as feeling a severe pain in his head. Over In the following his those few days Michalaq lost eat, suffered blood infection, skin infections, diarrhoea and nausea.

He complained of burning sensations time to examine the outside of the and stiff joints. Michalaq appears to have received a dose of radiation which would have been been lethal had it not of slight duration. The Royal Canadian Air Force should be congratulated on the amount of work invest in a hoax! Believe it was the brief report made by patrolman Herb Schirmer in not! The interference cutting out the engine lights of his car now Schirmer, under regression hypnosis, revealed that the car short stint as Chief of Police, he himself by a mental block and resigned from the force.

There has paralyzed by the entities who fired a been a great deal of speculation green gas gun It this was was ft cm high and muscular with larger chests than on and revolver to defend at his car. Apparently their head was thinner UFO. He was prevented his entities approximately 5 the normal was apparently surrounded by entities from the globular pressure was brought to bear from the lines with a device contactee and abduction experience.

Schirmer described their eyes as nose was eyes', the had almost lipless suffered the injury to his neck when, was informed having been forced to wind a cover story which his job properly. The UFO down the silver, described as having like a football, and they he would be given would be he would it away; and that he fly would experience two return from the Of particular with a bright flashing interest to the whether or not there was a more on tripod legs and detailed story locked in Schirmer's with the aliens indicated that it entities mind. There was! Schirmer resignation but Schirmer human tight fitting silver investigators was the emblem seen by Schirmer on the uniform of the which he drew and serpent.

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In , at the appointed age of 64, up to tiead Colorado's study into tfie of tfie because the 'Earth people do not do things in the right way. A friend Condon was in the Bermuda Triangle, at America's foremost theoretical nuclear physicists. She telepathically, calling to her. On her 15 April Shane Kurz's mother awoke her at 2 o'clock in the flooding her bedroom and it light alongside her and asked to share her umbrella. She thought he coming from a apparently very human in a She described slightly slanted He moved upwards and then vanished. Silently she approached the school entrance was only outside her bedroom.

Shane's sisters shared the year of high school and as last light when Shane opened her eyes she saw an intense was It one morning a figure came up morning because of a bright flashing Outside, she found herself looking at January she appears to waking up to sightings in the area around her She Shane wet mud. At one point she was kneeling on the ground, trying to Somehow, and the details are was drawn inside the UFO, into a room like a hospital operating room. In the room a hide. She resists this with great fear but the examination goes on.

The 2 May produced the puzzling experience which most concerned Shane. She had been outside her house for some time watching the sky when the cigar shaped UFO he had her explain what volleyball that of Betty Hill and basketball were as he was Andreasson she describes apparently unfamiliar with these needle probed through her navel, terms, a fact which she quite rightly apparently part of a gynaecological found surprising and he offered her a operation. Unlike the recall of ride during her lunch abductees appeared his car but report at great speed, stopped, then shot upwards and turned red colour.

In the days following, Shane turned to look back to artificially that many Shane was inseminated but raped by the leader of the aliens w'ho she describes as having an apparently human body though generally She apparently enjoyed the like slender. Other schoolgiris at the time were able to corroborate that she had been with experienced several physical and dismissed seems wasn't there. She was stunned as have in offer, not it a long see where he was going and he her clothes and her legs covered There were muddy pointing Reasonably enough turned around and took just there footprints leading field.

Shane was awoken by her mother whose 'veliicle'. Hypnosis sessions conducted on Shane commenced; predominates to further investigate the 55 ceased - precisely nine months after the event. KIND As they drove over the brow of a The case of pseudonyms adopted hill ground at the witnesses' request for anonymity is of a ploughed they could see field some 80 early events and for the dissimilarity was at field towards a small wood they the encounter ended. Comparison of the two may result in a better understanding of both.

At approximately 8 o'clock in home. Looking across the road and their UFO hovering near beamed up from the object. Several windows of white light unlighted road through the of the saucer and portholes below. The a was apparently pacing the car the same speed, it was glowing yellow-white and was silent.

She estimated the object to be approximately yds 92 m from computer screen. Dennis slowed down humanoid figures position. Butlers did not experience electrical with the car but pulled the it rapidly next day was white as a sheet and shaking by what she had seen. Researchers sound from the object. They also confirmed that they watched as straightforward and respectable just a bright point of light and then returned to the same point where had been before.

The case shows it that the opening By far the most common description of saucer shape, glowing luminescent Betty and Barney humanoid form, and apparently the size of a small light house as they watched proving over a large a classic it disappear hill. Marion was very concerned and somewhat for their been spared the frightening ordeal events were very similar to that of It the case of researchers recorded that Marion properly observing and listening for away becoming in Marion and Dennis decided they same and had undoubtedly been alarmed flew case decided they whereas Ignored or rejected?

Prudently both witnesses leapt back into the car down to in UFO appears to have possibly in both cases the Marion then saw two giant object to drive off the them to 'escape'. Having said that, has been further speculated that were observed within the own decision ignored the witnesses and allowed top of the the occupants then confronted with an opportunity for from Evans City to Pittsburgh on an They had just passed its Marion and Dennis's case, although evening the couple were driving farmlands.

Shortly after this a shaft the Hills' apparently placed on them. In find further witnesses to the event but nobody could see the the forgotten during the amnesiac block Dennis drove along to the farmhouse hoping to way at the main road, which was subsequently between this case and that of Betty and Barney Hill see page 42 in the of the and abducted them or took advantage of yds 73 m away.

However, the outcome was very different; in rather moving at the either guided the Hills off the main the object hovering just above the Dennis and Marion deliberately pacing their car but frightened by the incident of Hill, i.

This Crowdsourced Map Documents UFO Sightings, Cryptids, and the Supernatural - VICE

As they were getting into their car they noticed two seemingly on the road ahead of them, each some 3 cm 91 objects, ft Hodges drove past high. When he own apartment - but before he the car left ' aliens apparently to have they work and into a room where humanoid entities were manipulating the machinery. There was in a great deal of the encounter and it appears that the aliens were concerned about our lack of environmental awareness and the damage we were doing to our planet. In , during the period of the regressive hypnosis sessions, Hodges apparently encountered the and was given a warning about a coming world war.

Hodges believes that both he and entities yet again Rodriguez, along with thousands of other people, have implants in their brains which are designed to enhance psychic powers and the purpose of the creatures' interference the human is to help in developing race. Can reported abductions and science ansing from a control imagery in fact retained one of the recorders as a - he apparently been projected showed an drum asking for detailed explanations how encountered the entities again and seems van.

At 7 o'clock the evening in Durel Johnson and his wife had just member of the to see the medical in some unusual component but there was nothing which demanded a non-terrestrial explanation. Ronnie reported that he had Johnsons refused to report the heard a rumbling noise and had seen incident to the police; they a mushroom shaped their son UFO hovering just above the ground some 70 21 m away from him in a trees near the farmhouse.

World Atlas of UFOs

Ronnie reported that he the next was blinded and paralyzed by the overshadowing event which lasted about returned yet again, involving the minutes until five away It was minutes before he was the object flew towards the town of Delphos. His parents were disbelieving but accompanied him outside, both witnessing the UFO moving towards the south. Erma, his mother, described it as looking 'like a giant washtub'.

The soil were appeared to have been dusted with a white powder which was touched by and Mrs Johnson who that their fingertips numb Mr both stated had become shortly afterwards. Mrs Johnson also took photographs of the ring while more strange was serviced by rams suddenly gave and he immediately ran to the farmhouse to report the event to UFO events. Not the least of these that Mr Johnson drove his son into Delphos to report the event to the local newspaper. Most modem research testimony but also on the credibility of the witnesses and this particular like their story the yet for only concentrates not only on the the extraordinary reports of two years looked It is generally offer that the Delphos ring group of as glowing with every shaft of brilliant white light to greatly enjoy the ground traces because of the lack of hard physical seemed attention which their report brought ft of the details on the back of a sighting There have been many suspicions when some reducing the credibility of the case.

Ronnie returned from feeding the finished supper remains that the witnesses invented on that basis case might not be rated highly. The Delphos ring appeared to have been dusted with a white powder which caused numbness touched it. The moved lights quickly but he took one photograph. Michel Imbeault's remarkable photograph of a string of unidentified lights in the sky. Worse was yet to come. Parker apparently fainted and Hickson was lifted off the ground by the entities and floated into the UFO. Inside, the entities apparently The machine was making a buzzing sound and caused some kept Hickson floating weightlessly consternation amongst the while an eye like scanning object ground.

As Hickson river, went I stated under started to hit the man. And Calvin just - he looked all in as a the object and three entities floated out. Hickson went on 'They over him. Even though the room at one point not move and does have he recalls ft and exhibiting a blue Inside the craft but there the it it being cm at tall light outside. Recovering his left a tape if that of that the is two in the would reveal their what of it was. Instead them virtually senses rambled on. Hickson could conscious, though he believes he and one end recorder running, presumably somewhat Hickson As didn't moved him around and told Hickson's description of the craft entities left the not even hysterical.

Their long arms ended in thing first approximately 8 Pascagoula. Hickson witnesses. They were vaguely the seeing Parker standing on the ground outside with a look on case during that period was the pair remember being removed from craft and his first memory is of well you can't imagine. Calvin done abduction of shipyard workers At 7 o'clock in reply. Presumably, and understandably, near to hysteria Hickson cannot. And me with was so I buzzing sound like thing it's all I of an extraordinary round the spinning reel out there had. Around 12 miles 19 km from Mansfield, Healey noticed a single red the light to attention to Charles Hickson Right photographed in field near the town.

Coming as was one point and Calvin publicity regarding UFOs and alone and the tape recorder Greenhaw reacted positively room the left at picked up almost inaudible words as to take a Polaroid he prayed scene. God up there In up 'It's it's I his feelings. Making I money not what this experience all still declining. The descend at light apparently stopped and hovered over the helicopter. Three of the witnesses who had filled the front of the windshield of the helicopter. The witnesses were now the car and turned on the flashing I declined.

With extraordinary of him. He paid little left. Just a few minutes it. His sighting had been dramatic, more was published by descriptions given by Donathan but witnesses on the Flatter, ground reported seeing the steady above them and some who watched the pair for minutes and turned his five was apparently it was bright and illuminating the whole area and disturbing dogs Apparently confirmed the general it it like 'a it in the house.

Both the entities witnessed the encounter between they kicked their feet which were over 7 bright light box-like arrangement sound a lawn mower'. Their covered observations confirmed the and just drifted away into the statements made by the crew. The Donathans may have been area of the ground where the was glowing white site in and as they were examining the glowing something large walking towards field.

In a hovering high over a were The object had been followed them. The creatures that mildly to the incident and the other standing along the side of the road. Donathan believed that they looked as the trio and animals would not go near the place. Although somewhat scared the investigate. They left the car and walked up the 61 stopped, all for investigating the Stephen commented "I don't get paid for being brave. With looked as if he was going to was rubbing of faint.

Finally However, whether by a this action the and chased before coming back to his senses. The fact that there Professor Alvin Lawson made a valuable contribution to the understanding of abductions when tie UFO and his colleagues up the imaginary abductee experiments California during the s. In fact, there variation, except in a not He to in close encounters and asked lo create a false story. Perhaps the test subjects had read some background stories, but the those UFO same would be true of appears to have been corroborative evidence of the sighting and traces does not itself give evidence to Stephen's state being directly by the caused UFO but rather possibly merely triggered by it.

Stephen himself has a history of violence; subjected to bullying filing reports. Whatever the truth mind was a reaction to his state of a UFO event, and possibly one of quite high strangeness. For this reason alone would be reasonable to expect the authorities to take the phenomenon UFO seriously, either by providing citizens with an appropriate defence or response or at least most by ensuring that people's fearful expectations are not heightened by unnecessary mystery.

Photographic with the one taken 'I'sLitoniii Nakayama shot the picture below he had not noticed the at Salem on 16 surprises continue to occur. Wyoming Well Service of Kiverton, parked trip, driller for A. At this point friend, Gary Eaton, and they discussed hunting elk. The two separated and Higdon found a suitable target elk in a nearby clearing.

Higdon took aim and fired. In the next second he could not believe his eyes! Higdon became aware of cone of 'a silence' surrounding the forest and a tingling feeling crawling up his spine. To his left a approached who Higdon thought was a hunter man first like himself. He was wrong. He to his throat. Almost unbelievably, the entity also had two antennae protruding out of his forehead. Behind the entity was a cube-like some 6 ft cm along each some strange way Higdon believes he was 'teleported' into the object edge. In object and he believes his natural fears were being suppressed by the entity had given him to take.

When Higdon was found by a in his truck, exhausted, the vehicle axle was stuck deep in the middle of a ravine and it took a tow truck to pull it were was of the extraordinary story they Walton and tall search party he was resting in the Sitgraves National Park in when all golden During regression hypnosis saw a large trees. It seemed to be solid, with windows and a fairly classical flying saucer shape complete with cupola on out.

Travis Walton jumped from The cover of Travis Walton's book which relates his incredible five-day abduction. Little could they know that it would be some days clear their particular detail gives adult and child humans possibly prisoners of the aliens or possibly bred on their home world.

Higdon to six A blue ray shot from the object, Walton and knocking him test but the other five did and the administrator of the test, Cy stated 'I Gilson, gotta say they passed the back into the trees. Perhaps test. Walton was nowhere to be found. It is This would seem to give support to refused to join the search party or to the now current theory that aliens are visiting the programme the Earth on a of genetic breeding experimentation.

There appears to be some corroboration of the event; members for of the search party looking Higdon saw strange glowing lights in the trees There were around the area. The search went on at the i. If man late that night. One of the for five days end of which the witnesses took polygraph tests at the Arizona State Office of Public Safety.

They were apparently concerned that was rumoured that they had 64 it flight or the holographic projection of one. Walton also took a polygraph test under Dr Gene Rosenbaum of Durango, Colorado young man is who stated This not lying KIND Even on the contract which would have incurred him financial penalty. The witnesses were frightened that the Americans none of the many witnesses by the encounter but has ever come forward see what was happening although Senior young Colby Landrum begged them Army, the Navy and the to denounce could probably sums of make substantial money by doing greatly in its them speaks so, favour.

UFO some Radar detected a 30 miles 48 km south of the site at somewhere between 21, m. The ft 7, UFO appeared as a large globe with porthole or crater like formations around the outside. The final stories on this case cannot yet have been written because the American government now appears to have a serious alternative to face; if the object was American then the law twenty-four Chinook twin blade succeed and a few prominent heads helicopters escorting the UFO at a They in their followed it car for a period of time before home reaching less than an hour after the encounter.

The effects of the sighting after- have been horrific! Vickie Landrum suffered a temporary loss of hair and inflamed may well have to suit roll. It should appears that those heads are resisting that alternative. However, the only other option is not American. She suffered temporary and developed breast in the past - that hair loss the cancer which required a government mastectomy. Michigan was made. Hopkins has also stated a to protect the identity of the witness the subject of abductions.

In Kathie was abducted abducted, and then possibly had a again and a probe inserted into her device implanted into her by means nose possibly implanting some sort of a probe. Some months later it would appear that she was abducted Notable mainly for the sheer size of Kathie has a dream of her mother again and subjected to a gruelling the crew of Japan Air Lines cargo protecting her from a threat medical examination, which flight There are vague suggestions abductions in of her very early years; sky by hiding her in a the in On wardrobe.

See a Problem?

She flying saucer and given the many gynaecological operations. Captain Kenju Terauchi In a further abduction in , it appears that attracted considerable The Anchorage 1 1, interest. They were flying parallel Kathie was subjected to medical and pacing the examination and her ova contents briefly saw the were removed by aliens.

There is some suggestion that her son Tommy was also abducted at this lights, which he described as 'walnut time. It appears that abducted again in Tommy was February and Kathie accidentally witnessed the alien emerging from his A further abduction inseminated by the aliens.

December her UFO involved, when she reawakened she was in her own backyard in her nightgown. Most incredibly of all she bleeding and another occasion she recalls going to a strange left the from Kathie's home takes place in April The UF'O apparently paced the was plane for over half an hour and radar-tracked by air traffic control. Captain Terauchi had his own rather unique interpretation of the interest of the aliens, if that is what they were.

Maybe they wanted to drink it. UFO lie 'truly Over the five to six month period Mr Ed took dozens of photographs, to some extent under controlled for a believes that the photographs and of the saucers. Bruce Maccabee, the chairman of the Fund were able to get off to detector test and the examiner was and designed to give him warning of the impending was and drive capture. Optical physicist which a in which then appeared to come after him. Apparently he may have been life depositing aliens onto the njad buzzing a peculiar head.

UFOs: The man who chases Canadian conspiracies

At the of stereo photography, to give an his sightings same time almost three-dimensional effect, by further speculated that the reason that the events were was being occurring, the case attaching studied by an investigation team. Later, photographs taken have been controlled experiments included subjected to a thorough giving investigation using modem 11 wfitness November produced pictures of the was the UF'O seen home at in While taking the was apparently flying beam into the During of light this incident and lifted Mr Ed reported image which appeared mind and seemed flicking tlirough dogs Mr Ed by the nearly choking him.

In response to the article a further witness Mrs Zammit also reported seeing the same blue beam. From then until 1 May made famous by the front cover of Whitley On 12 January his road ahead of him and he was ft-om it. As he hid truck he witnessed the 67 under UFO for are comments about each other's capabilities or personal characteristics in order to promote or discredit the case. Some appear to be many years with the disseminating virtually slanderous Mr Ed was driving home when he encountered same UFO hovering over the from the book Communion.

His drawing of the his be recently the pictures to the local Florida Sentinel in a of the MUFON suggested that they believed the case to genuine. Mr Ed also claims that known generally as 'Mr Ed' took five Polaroid photographs of a sealed Nimslo three- dimensional camera which also photographic techniques.

World Atlas of UFOs - John Spencer

On Mr Ed a that this was removed. Ins Mr Ed has his and indeed has own told bestselling book. Until States, the American need. In that year, however, the subject and particularly the United - as the scope and size of the database suggests - the home of the UFO Q is underwent was born on that continent, on 24 June , when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported phenomenon.

UFO The has continued to Certainly the since. During their two-hour captivity the Hills were subjected to a medical examination of the most the world; as this book far is meet with the desert humanoid life.

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  • Adamski's books sold well though, a fact which may have encouraged others to follow him in the next few years. In , less than a decade later, the phenomenon changed again. While driving from Canada to their home in New Hampshire state, a married couple, Betty and Barney Hill see page 42 , claimed that they were 'abducted' by the alien pilots of a flying saucer. It the times, a in Adamski apparently that the you skipped if pilots, on tours of the planets of the solar system. The uncritical acceptance of the more extraordinary theories regarding UFOs is also wider there. The media in the US frightening nature.

    Such abductions have continued to have helped to make the subject there respectable, though also one of raging controversy. Only Britain be reported up to the present day, but the sequels have been increasingly frightening. Probably the 'state comes of the art' abduction at the present time than close to the American response to this is largely UFOs, and America-driven. It appears that she was inseminated during one abduction, the foetus or reports consisted of night-time lights see is claimed to have undergone a series of abductions aspects of the subject have undergone complete metamorphosis.

    In the early days case was further event in the sky, or discs and egg shaped objects seen in the stolen from her 68 womb - she was allowed hybrid alien offspring. It was There are other mutations fascinating, to being fascinating like science fiction, were supposed and Both the Arnold case and the Hill case raise an North American ufology. In were the claims the first were the first but they to be made to gain media there. Unfortunately they got it all wrong - the men wore the for example, make consider to look foolish, with Commission.

    Eventually, the claims were made - become acknowledged it 14 , inevitably the world prefers either for America to sanction extraordinary claims before witnesses the expense of a 'fringe' subject. Other suggestions to gain an acceptance outside they had until It is UFO indi- squeaky-clean Cadillacs in and non-productive mission, or just having a laugh in Prior to both these cases Europe had undergone the 'Foo Fighters' see page 79 of the World War Two aerial combat arena, Scandinavia had experienced the Ghost Rocket sightings see page 80 and South America had seen the first abduction claim in the case of Antonio Villas Boas see page However, these new and - for the times - innovative seemed unable they were repressive suggesting strongly that they keep silent about agents of the recognition.

    America threatened their sightings. It has never been very clear precisely who these characters but a science fiction that could happen to you, or you. It does not matter if you think the whole phenomenon to be one of wish-fulfilment or fantasy; whereas before it might have been a pleasure to be so affected, now it would be immensely claims seem that up, using proving their extraterrestrial [!

    Certainly cover up In fact, the of ignorance the 'prize' offered by the is Others still fear a from within the USA. But if this led witnesses to make false claims, and if some of those claims were regarded as 'real', then surely that alone would not account for the subject, after all the Enquirer was not paying for claims from South America and Africa, and so on, yet they came in too.

    It is a US that the is and the actions of needed Such crash two more years of office in the s. Russians, downed in borders attacked and the two famous situations where No rash of such stories. Such a cover up is alleged to have gone on for over forty years and would have involved hundreds if not thousands of people; yet the American President could not cover up his own actions in this for other country has A recent claim that in Africa has proved to We example, must assume that the also benefit from these saucers, or that they are being very generous allowing America the advantage of learning from this cast a radio version of advanced technology.

    In any other circumstance we might have expected Russian espionage, if not a full scale Russian attack, on Wright Patterson Air Base, where - it is speculated - all UFOs are sent and stored, to equalize the balance of panic in the population including evacuation of homes. In Orson Welles broad- The War of the Worlds as if it were genuinely happening; there was extraordinary In it was feared Yet the Russians seem happy to Americans get on with this one.

    Los Angeles planes, which so on. There has been great distrust of the UFOs; is of the fraudulent claim. It quite likely that is to more extraordinary documents seeming support crash retrievals were created by ufologists in support of their beliefs and their lecture circuit of the income!