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This multi-author contributed volume provides an up-to-date and authoritative overview of cutting-edge themes involving the thermal analysis, applied solid-state physics, micro- and nano-crystallinity of selected solids and their macro- and microscopic thermal properties. Distinctive chapters featured in the book include, among others, calorimetry time scales from days to microseconds, glass transition phenomena, kinetics of non-isothermal processes, thermal inertia and temperature gradients, thermodynamics of nanomaterials, self-organization, significance of temperature and entropy.

Advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers working in the field of thermal analysis, thermophysical measurements and calorimetry will find this contributed volume invaluable. This is the third volume of the triptych volumes on thermal behaviour of materials; the previous two receiving thousand of downloads guaranteeing their worldwide impact. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

1st Edition

Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xxvii. Velocities of particles in a gas.

Linear Expansion of Solids, Volume Contraction of Liquids, Thermal Physics Problems

Ideal monoatomic gas. Fermi and Bose gases 6 hours : Grand-canonical distribution. Fermi gases. Fermi-Dirac distribution.

Classical and Quantum statistics. Fermi energy.

Statistical and Thermal Physics: An Introduction

Fermion gas law. Bose Einstein distribution. Bose-Einstein condensation. Bose gases. Boson gas law. Experiments on atom cooling and Bose condensation. Photon gas. Phonon gas. Charles' Law.

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The Equation of State of an Ideal Gas. The Universal Gas Constant. Real and Ideal Gases. Internal Energy and the First Law of Thermodynamics. Heat Engines and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Thermal Physics Tutorial 1

The Efficiency of a Heat Engine and the concept of Entropy. Entropy and Disorder. The Carnot Cycle. IB Physics Home Pa ge. Multiple animal welfare campaigns in France.