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High-Risk Individuals: Is A Loved One At Risk of Alcohol Abuse?

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Enforce existing laws and regulations about alcohol sales and service. Develop community coalitions that build partnerships between schools, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, health care, and public health agencies to reduce excessive alcohol use. Routinely monitor and report the prevalence, frequency, and intensity of binge drinking whether or not adults binge drink, how often they do so, and how many drinks they have if they do.

Planning community prevention

Am J Prev Med ; 49 5 :e73—e Am J Prev Med. The effectiveness of tax policy interventions for reducing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms Cdc-pdf External [PDFKB].

Am J Prev Med ;38 2 — Effects of dram shop liability and enhanced overservice law enforcement initiatives on excessive alcohol consumption and related harms: two Community Guide systematic reviews Cdc-pdf External [PDFKB]. Am J Prev Med ;41 3 Effectiveness of policies maintaining or restricting days of alcohol sales on excessive alcohol consumption and related harms Cdc-pdf External [PDFKB]. Am J Prev Med ;39 6 — Effectiveness of policies restricting hours of alcohol sales in preventing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms Cdc-pdf External [PDFKB].

Am J Prev Med ;51 5 — Enhanced enforcement of laws prohibiting sale of alcohol to minors: systematic review of effectiveness for reducing sales and underage drinking. Displaying 1 - 5 of Display Results 5 10 25 50 - All -.

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Summary Table. Implementation Resources. Presentations and Promotional Materials.

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Tips for Preventing Substance Abuse

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