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All the classic concerns of a generation Y yuppie. EM has helped me tap a well of positivity that has changed me for the better. Existential considerations lead to more meaningful living, these questions and concepts are not just idle ponderings, they have the power to prioritize and transform. This is practical Philosophy and Psychology helping you determine what you ought to do to live a better life.

The data is clear, people on their deathbeds wish they had done things differently. Consider the following. This information sheds light on what it really means to live a Good life. They dream of more enjoyment and authentic pursuits with the people they loved.

One WEIRD Trick to Beat Existential Depression!

Remember the 5 points above? We need to set the right goals before we get motivated to achieve them. Is it a new job?


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A trip abroad? Finishing that creative project? Whatever your aspirations, EM just helped you determine four things you should work towards. It can be difficult to find direction in life, but this quick exercise distills what is truly valuable. You have some goals, now we just need to energize action. They may sound a bit grave pun lamely intended , but the following mantras are meant to attune you to the dire urgency of living a good life right now, because you may not have tomorrow.

Read through Existential Meditation whenever you would like to re-prioritize or if you need to summon motivation to get up off that proverbial couch. Focusing on these thoughts for even a few minutes a day will prime you to get out and live the good life. Try EM for a week and email me your experience. You may feel driven to achieve. It may bring you to the realization that you need a more meaningful job. The anxiety got worse when I was in college—I was on my own and it was pretty unbearable.

Very large questions that I felt really lost about. It felt like an existential anxiety and translated into concrete symptoms and problems. I had panic attacks, trouble sleeping, felt lonely all the time. When I found meditation—it was fairly by accident—I was in a dark place and my mom a rabbi suggested I take part in a silent retreat. Neither of us really knew much about meditation and it turned out to be a completely transformative experience for me.

Looking back, I might not necessarily recommend what I did as the best way to experience meditation for the first time.

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The retreat I took part in was seven full days of silence. Admittedly sort of a harsh way to discover meditation. Just to be clear, I could talk to the teachers and meet with them and ask questions. We just were prohibited from speaking with the other participants and I was the youngest meditator in the group by at least two decades! That helped me turn things around. In your book, What Now? Meditation for Your Twenties and Beyond, you talk about the college years as being a particularly good time to bring meditation into your life.

What is it about that part of life that makes meditation so beneficial. Yael: As I mentioned, the stress in my life peaked during her college years. Young adulthood can be an extremely stressful time for many. There are just lots of difficult periods and stressful transitions.

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From home to college. Maybe a first relationship and them from school to the real world. Meditation can be a real conduit for self-awareness and a cure during the stressful moments. So, bringing love and compassion and gentleness to your experience can be extremely beneficial. It sounds cheesy I know but through meditation, you can learn how to really love yourself.

How does the experience of sitting with yourself bring clarity and love of self? Meditation enables us to learn to understand that and make friends with that. Do you really have to be taught how to meditate? It takes practice and knowledge to learn to clear your mind and stay peaceful and relaxed.

What is an Existential Crisis?

Meditation can enable the ability to be present. There are other ways to experience being present with that kind of happiness. Through meditation, you make yourself more accident prone. It becomes a practice that allows a kind of easy access to happiness. It allows happiness to be more a part of your daily life. Being intentional about it helps it become a part of the routine. The same goes for meditation.

2. It’s all about being still and quiet

You establish a pattern that allows your mind and heart to be healthy on a more regular basis. Could meditation be described as a form of therapy? In your book, you talk about something called the comparing mind. Can you explain what that is and why modern life feeds that mindset so dangerously?

So many of us seem to feel a sense of shakiness.

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Insecurity about ourselves. It can be such a crushing feeling. Are we loveable?