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This is from the series: A-Z of Religion and Beliefs. You could ask your pupils if science and religion can coexist, the class could split into groups and debate from the different perspectives. Pupils could investigate why Jews and Christians rest on Sundays.

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An engaging, fully animated short exploring the role of religious clothing. An engaging, animated short film about Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. Only two Titans, Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha, who led a blameless life were spared. What should we conclude from the many similarities between the myths and scripture? The myth is without doubt, a fable.

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A myth is a fictional traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. It helps the general population understand life, how it began, its purpose, why there is evil in the world, will life turn out well for me, and the like. Should we understand that the biblical creation story is also a myth? Whether it is a myth or not, why is it included in the Bible?

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Israel Drazin. Differences There were many gods. They had human attributes, including a strong sexual drive.

They often fought one another. People were created before the humans who had enormous strengths called Titans.

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They were the offspring of Gaia earth and Uranus heaven. One of the Titans, Prometheus, took some earth and created males, not women, whom he formed it into the shape of the gods. The Bible does not say there was a race of human-like beings Titans who existed before humans and for part of the human existence.

The Bible states that God created humans, not Titans.

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Yet both say humans were created from earth with something about God in their being. Maimonides states it is that God gave them intelligence. They were then able to make tools and weapons and introduce trade. It is this time that is most efficacious for the life of the community. Dramatization of sacred time enables the community to participate in a time that has a different quality than ordinary time, which tends to be neutral. All significant temporal events are spoken of in the language of the cosmogonic myth, for only by referring them to this primordial model will they have significance.

The masks, dances, and gestures are, in one way or another, aspects of the structure of the cosmogonic myth. This meaning may also extend to the tools that people use in the making of artistic designs and to the precise technique they employ in the craft.

Mention has been made above of the fact that the cosmogonic myth situates humankind in a place, in space. This centring is at once symbolic and empirical : symbolic because through symbols it defines the spatiality of human beings in ontological terms of being and empirical because it orients them in a definite landscape. Indeed, the names given to the flora and fauna and to the topography are a part of the orientation of humans in a space. The subsequent development of language within a human community is an extension of the language of the cosmogonic myth.

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The initial ordering of the world through the cosmogonic myth serves as the primordial structure of culture and the articulation of the embryonic forms and styles of cultural life out of which various and differing forms of culture emerge. The recollection and celebration of the myth enable the religious community to think of and participate in the fundamentally real time, space, and mode of orientation that enables them to define their cultural life in a specific manner.

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